The Rösti Farm

The Spot

So I happened to chance upon this spot while I was walking around, exploring the East wing of the newly built mall, Waterway Point. The outlet is cosy in size, yet filled with a rustic charm. I rather enjoyed that the staff bothered to explain to us what we were seeing on the menu and how to go about ordering. You can choose to order the dishes with a single rösti or with double röstis which I thought was quite clever cos double rösti = double yum!


What I Had

I ordered two dishes. One was the Swiss Cheese Chicken Sausage with a single rösti ($9) while the other was the Happy Weekender ($21) . Both were equally delish though I wished they would be more generous with their sour cream portions.




What I Loved

They know their cheese. This was a hallmark for me since I myself am a cheese lover, I was quite impressed when I saw they had quite a variety of cheese to offer instead of the usual cheddar. Their service was exquisite. I hope they keep that up because that’s how customers feel valued. Also, did I mention they serve awesome milkshakes?! They share their store space with “once upon a milkshake” which is rather brilliant.








Waterway Point (East Wing)

83 Punggol Central #B1-K12 S(828761)

Opening Hours:

Mon to Fri: 1130AM – 9PM
Sat & Sun: 1030AM – 930PM.

4 thoughts on “The Rösti Farm

  1. Decent write up. Basically one from a personalised perspective. Could have been more informative with the Menu but all in all enough to lure a customer to try something new @ a new place. Keep the posts coming!


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