Hungry Heroes

The Spot

What’s so great is that the moment you enter, the decorations and furnishings take your breath away. For a moment, you forget your age and eventually start running everywhere trying to absorb the awesomeness that is basically a Marvel/DC comics wonderland.






What I Had

First, of, the menu is brilliant! They have a variety of dishes and they come up with THE most creative names for the dishes like Bacon Karate Chop and Meat Fury’s BBQ Pork Ribs which by the way are their specialities.

The Ribeye steak ($30) while I had the Spider Pig Burger ($21). The mains come with your own choice of sides. For us, we both went with corn and coleslaw.

The Ribeye Steak, cooked medium, was served with sauteed potatoes while the Spider Pig burger came along with a serving of fries. Having tried both, I honestly felt the Spider Pig Burger was way better in terms of both presentation and taste.



The steak, I felt was pretty ordinary but the burger was exquisite. It was bursting with flavour and aromatic juices that dripped incessantly down my wrist as I devoured it. Sloppy and messy yes, but what’s a good burger without a mess? Definitely worth it.



They have a great assortment of  beers and ciders with interesting flavours like Strawberry & Lime, and Nordic Berries. Which led us to order an Alska Lemon & Ginger fruit cider which was surprisingly refreshing  and delightful.



What I Loved

Isn’t it quite obvious what the main highlight of this wonderland is? They really effortlessly manage to achieve authenticity by having life-size hero statues line the walls of their special joint. The best part was they even had a chandelier made up of little hero figurines which is so creative! Not to mention, they have plane replicas hanging from the ceiling giving one an unparalleled and unforgettable dining experience.

They also feature some pop-art artwork and paintings that come from the dessert cafe next door, Art Art and Away. The icing on the cake? When you dine there, you get a voucher for Art Art and Away where you can actually purchase the art pieces, decor and furniture while enjoying their desserts at a discount!








Hungry Heroes :

33 Tessensohn Road

Singapore 217656


Opening Hours:

Closed on Mondays

Tues–Fri:  4PM-11PM
Sat, Sun & PH:  12PM-11PM

Art Art and Away:

27 Tessensohn Road

Singapore 217698

Opening Hours:

Tue to Fri: 3.30PM to 10.30PM

Sat to Sun: 1PM to 10PM

Closed on Mondays

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