Sunday Market

The Spot

The Sunday Market opened not too recently and is not only a cafe but also sells super trendy, exclusive Sunday Market merchandise like tote bags and T-shirts. Their menu is indeed quite a spread and even includes their own line of ice cream flavours. Almost hidden, the cafe is located quite nearby other unique haunts.


What I Had

Their Signature Thai Milk Tea ($5.50) came highly recommended. The concoction which came in a cute little bottle was rich, creamy, and had the signature aroma of a good Thai Milk Tea.

Craving for something warm and hearty, I ordered You’re my Lobster ($12). First of all, I absolutely LOVE the classic reference from my all-time favourite TV show in the dish’s name. Secondly, the thick lobster broth was brimming with flavour and went very harmoniously with the bits and pieces of crab meat.

A classic Southern dish, The Sweet Chicks ($16), is a Singaporean twist on the Chicken & Waffle combo. Crunchy fried chicken paired with soft, sweet waffles, drizzled in Sriracha maple syrup, what’s not to love?




What I Loved

Apart from the super creative dish titles and the wide array of products, the quirky interior is sure to peak anyone’s interest. Not to mention, they even have an OOTD location, especially for you to take photos before or after your meals!




22 Lim Tua Tow Road

Singapore 547772


Opening Hours:

Mon-Fri: 11AM-11PM

Sat: 9AM-11PM

Sun: 9AM-9PM

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