49 Seats

The Spot

Let’s address the elephant in the room. No, they don’t only have 49 seats, well at least not anymore. Over at their first outlet, they did begin with 49 seats but fortunately, they have expanded since then. The affordability of the dishes here really appeal to me and not to mention having no 10% service charge is an extra boon.



What I Had

I obviously had to get the Tom Yum Seafood ($14.90) along with an Ice Lemon Tea ($3). Complete with mussels, cockles, and shrimp, the pasta was surprisingly really satisfying. Having a tangy and spicy sauce base really does give you that extra kick.

The Creamy Smoky Duck ($14.90) too was thoroughly wholesome with generous portions of succulent smoked duck and an extremely creamy sauce base.

Not necessarily a huge escargot fan, I still decided to give the Golden Esca got ($9.90) a try. To be quite frank, it did not taste how I expected to be (not gooey at all). Just like calamari, it’s soft on the outside but crispy on the inside.



What I Loved

Often you find pasta joints becoming faintly mundane when you chance upon the same selection of carbonara or Aglio Olio repeatedly. Boasting a fusion cuisine with dishes as daring as a Tom Yum based pasta, something is sure to excite your palate and whet your appetite over at 49 Seats.






The Centrepoint, 176 Orchard Road

#01-49, 238843


Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday: 11:30AM-2.30PM , 6PM-11PM

Weekends 11:30AM-11PM

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