Dolce Tokyo

The Spot

Fusion food is a hot concept that’s been going around for many years, yet here is another new addition. Dolce Tokyo is a franchise by Ministry of Food and offers diners a mix of Japanese and Italian dishes. Their menu will have you spoilt for choice with endless options of pasta and burgers to bento sets and omu curries. Their mouth-watering desserts like parfaits and pancakes with ice cream would satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.




What I Had

The Pork Belly Omu Curry Rice ($17) which came along with a side of salad was totally worth the money. With generous helpings of tender pork cubes served in omu curry and a creamy, rice-filled omelette, this one really warmed up my tummy.



Pork Sausage Pasta with a tomato base ($16.50) unfortunately was the least impressive. The tomato base was quite ordinary and could even be likened to Pastamania’s dishes albeit having a stronger flavorful aroma.



The Shrimp Baked Rice with curry base ($14) was by far my fave. The shrimp were succulent while the sweetness of the curry brought out the flavours of the dish. Never would I have thought that having curry in my cheese baked rice would be such a hit, definitely will return for this one in particular.



What I Loved

Affordability is very essential and to have such a wide spread of dishes ranging from dessert to mains and even all-day breakfast displays the versatility of a bistro which instantly draws my attention. Not to mention, how often can you get both Italian AND Japanese cuisine at the same spot? Well, now you can!






Address: (Bugis)

200 Victoria Street
#03-10H Bugis Junction
Singapore 188021


Opening Hours:

Daily 11.30AM to 10.30PM

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