Flame Cafe

The Spot

Surrounded by many tall, grey office buildings is the new kid on the block serving up casual western dining alongside a special twist on the menu, (wait for it) Cheesy BBQ Pagoda Steamboat! Yup you read that right, there is cheese along with this special steamboat & BBQ. On the first level of the steamboat, there is a ‘steamer’ to cook your meat or even steam vegetables. While the second, is the ultimate cheese layer with a generous amount to dip just about anything in! The third is a grilling area while the fourth are the soup bases for you to do your boiling.


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What I Had

They have a whole range of different combos varying from seafood, meat, mushroom & even a vegetarian combo set!

Naturally, I chose the meat set. This consisted of Beef Tripe, Sliced Beef, Chicken Fillet, Chicken Liver, Chicken Hotdog, Chicken Ham, Sliced Mutton/Lamb, Chicken Wings which even came along with Tofu, Corn, White Cabbage, Chinese Lettuce, Broccoli, Instant Noodles, White Radish, Coriander, Eggplant, Carrot, Tomato, Rice & Egg. All of which, for only $32.90!! It included so much, I could barely finish (even with help).


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What I Loved

How many steamboats out there actually have such an innovative, fresh take on the usual steamboat? I loved how you become your own little chef, giving you the freedom to experiment with your food. Not only that, the options given to you are frankly endless especially with the generous portions and wide variety, this experience is surely an indispensable one.








Centro Bianco Building, Level 1

73 Upper Paya Lebar Rd, Singapore 534818

Opening Hours:

Mon to Thu & Sun: 9AM – 10PM
Fri and Sat: 9AM-2am

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