Islamic Restaurant

The Spot

The fact that I’ve been coming here for years with my family makes this one an absolute no-brainer. The only problem here is, remembering all the scrumptious food choices we’ve made after all this time! The first thing you will notice upon stepping into this well-known restaurant is the trademark aroma. Lining the walls, you will find lots of memorabilia including portraits of the owner Mr Kalil A. Wahab, with dignitaries from across the region.


What I Had

You will honestly be spoiled for choice with their long list dishes but if it is your first time here, you must try their signature dish: the briyani!

I’ve personally tried one of each except the Fish, but my absolute favourite is the Mutton Briyani ($10). Served with a side of Dhal curry, the mutton meat is so tender, it literally breaks apart even with a spoon!

The Chicken Briyani ($10) is equally flavourful as the Mutton however slightly less tender and has more of a distinct smoky finish.

Prawn Briyani ($12) is served with the rice on one plate and the prawns separately on another. While the Mutton and Chicken have bigger meat portions, the Prawn is significantly lesser. However one shouldn’t be discouraged, the prawns are super succulent and far from average!



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Now for the drinks!

I usually get Salted Lassi ($4) whenever I’m having briyani just because the cool, salty and creamy yoghurt drink helps wash everything down after a heavy meal.

However, I recently discovered the hidden gem that is Cold Halia Milk ($3) which essentially is ginger infused chilled milk. One might think its odd but its actually exceptionally refreshing.

Cold Ginger Tea, ($3) is a family favourite for those who prefer the classic in a cold variation!

Last but not least, another fave of mine, Hot Ginger Tea, ($2). You can never go wrong with this not too sweet and rich brew.


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What I Loved

Coupled with decades of tradition and history, you will be hard pressed to find another eatery like this one. Even if you order just one dish, you are bound to leave with a smile on your face (or at least tummy). Though many question the prices might be on the steeper side, to be quite frank, its worth the expense.









745 North Bridge Rd,

Singapore 198713


Opening Hours:

Monday -Thursday: 10AM-10PM

Fridays: 10AM-1PM, 2PM-10PM

Weekends: 10AM-10PM

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