Cosmic Diner

The Spot

Wound up here while whizzing around the local roads on the first day of my trip here in Bali. The sweltering heat of that day had me thoroughly parched and looking for a place to cool off. The nearest McDonalds was right next to this spot which led me to wander curiously inside.


What I Had

Naturally, having been a fan of this creation, first encountered in Poulét, I instinctively reached for the Truffled Mashed Potatoes (IDR 45,000). However, to my disappointment, it was nothing like I had expected. The flavour was quite bland and had no hint of truffle. The texture as well was quite doughy and did not quite appeal to me at all.




The Truffle Mac & Cheese (IDR 65,000) too had let me down though it was a tad bit better than the mashed potatoes. With a mix of cheddar, grana and mozzarella, truffle oil, bacon crumble which was an interesting crunch in each bite.




The best of the lot was the Black Pepper Beef Rice Bowl (IDR 55,000). With the beef stir fried tenderly and bursting with peppery accents, it was safe to say this one was a good decision.



What I Loved

Though the food was on the whole, not a fantastic experience, the whole concept of the restaurant was quite fun and inviting. With a 60’s American Diners theme, it was perfect for those conscious Instagram curators and they even give a lil portion of popcorn to their diners while waiting for your meals!








Pertokoan Sunset Star Blok C, Jl. Sunset Road,

Legian, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia


Opening Hours:

Daily 10AM to 11.30PM

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